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Fleeing India: What Will Make Clinical Trials Flood Back

Contributor: Ghida Harfouche
Posted: 8/11/2014

Fleeing India: What Will Make Clinical Trials Flood Back - Ghida Harfouche

India’s clinical trial industry has seen it all. In less than 10 years, the country has grown to become a leading destination for clinical trials, attracting studies from multinational pharma companies and contract research organizations. This however is no longer the case as the once skyrocket growth has now come to a brutal end. If India’s clinical trial industry is to pick up again, a major restructuring of its regulatory system will have to take place. Full Article »

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Experiences with IRT- An Interview with CTS manager Michael Pompey

Contributor: Michael Pompey
Posted: 10/22/2013

Experiences with IRT- An Interview with CTS manager Michael Pompey - Michael Pompey

Ahead of the Clinical Trial Supply Europe event, Pharma IQ presents interviews filmed live at last year's CTS event. In this interview Michael Pompey talks about the daily challenges he faces as a clinical trial supply manager at Sandoz and he discusses his experience with IRT. Full Video »

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Epigenetic Cancer Therapies and the TOPAS Trial- An Interview with Hella Kohlhof - Gerald Clarke

For Dr Hella Kohlhof, the study of epigenetics was not love at first sight, however the potential it posesses eventually won her over. Now Dr Kohlhof is Manager of Translational Pharmacology at 4SC AG and is applying epigenetic knowledge in a phase 1 first-in-man trial. She talks to us about what role epigentics plays in cancer and how new therapies are taking advantage of epigenetic mechanisms. Full Podcast »

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Seems Everyone Is Building Clinical Data Repositories, Now How Are We Going To Use Them? - Robert Musterer

Whether you call it a clinical data repository (CDR) or a clinical data warehouse (CDW); it seems everyone (oh, all right - at least a lot of companies) are either building, or planning to build one. Most of these companies have grand notions of bringing together data from a wide variety of sources to be able to glean new insights. However the big unanswered questions are; just how are these insights to be gleaned, and who will be doing the searching to glean these insights? Full Column »

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Interoperability: The Top 5 Benefits and Burdens of Utilising the CRO eTMF

In the build up to Trial Master Files Europe 2015, Claire Mooney, TMF Lead - Process and Quality, Quintiles and Pharma IQ take a closer look at how a modern day global contract research organisation (CMO) is approaching eTMF and assess the top 5 benefits and burdens of utilising the CMO’s electronic trial master files. Full Whitepaper »

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