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The Trials and Tribulations of Comparator Sourcing for Clinical Trial Materials - Pharma IQ

Once an appropriate comparator drug has been identified for use in a trial attention turns to how to source it. This may sound like a simple task but increasing globalization of the clinical research sector coupled with the frequent requirement to purchase a competitor’s product, make it more complex. This Pharma IQ article reviews the key challenges associated with comparator sourcing of clinical trials materials and ways to reduce the risks associated with this task. Full Article »

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Experiences with IRT- An Interview with CTS manager Michael Pompey

Contributor: Michael Pompey
Posted: 10/22/2013

Experiences with IRT- An Interview with CTS manager Michael Pompey - Michael Pompey

Ahead of the Clinical Trial Supply Europe event, Pharma IQ presents interviews filmed live at last year's CTS event. In this interview Michael Pompey talks about the daily challenges he faces as a clinical trial supply manager at Sandoz and he discusses his experience with IRT. Full Video »

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Epigenetic Cancer Therapies and the TOPAS Trial- An Interview with Hella Kohlhof - Gerald Clarke

For Dr Hella Kohlhof, the study of epigenetics was not love at first sight, however the potential it posesses eventually won her over. Now Dr Kohlhof is Manager of Translational Pharmacology at 4SC AG and is applying epigenetic knowledge in a phase 1 first-in-man trial. She talks to us about what role epigentics plays in cancer and how new therapies are taking advantage of epigenetic mechanisms. Full Podcast »

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Adapting to Disruptive Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Contributor: Andrew Parsons
Posted: 4/8/2013

Adapting to Disruptive Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Andrew Parsons

The Pharmaceutical Industry continues to change at what feels like an exponential pace. What used to be a stable industry now faces almost continual re-shaping as the life cycle of R&D and commercialisation adapts to new players and shapers. New Pharma IQ columnist, Andrew Parsons explains. Full Column »

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Which Popular Drugs Are Going Off-Patent in 2014-2016?

Now that we’re at the edge of the cliff, do you know which blockbusters will be going off patent in the next 3 years? By popular request, Pharma IQ has put together a handy snapshot of all the top drugs facing imminent generic competition. Full Whitepaper »

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