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  • Tom Grubb
    Building Cold Chain Quality with IATA’s Chapter 17: The air cargo cold chain is like a symphony orchestra, with many performers playing in harmony as a cohesive group. Seamlessly playing as one not only demands professionals skilled in their respective instruments; it is also requires that all participants read from the same score. In the pharmaceutical cold chain, safely and effectively moving time- and temperature-sensitive products means all stakeholders need to follow the same standards, regulations and best practices. Read more
     February 5,2014 by Tom Grubb      0
  • Tom Grubb
    IMPERATIVES FOR COLD CHAIN QUALITY: Part 4 - Evaluating the Results: In the pharmaceutical cold chain, all logistics partners share the common goals of safe and successful product transportation and by consequence, patient health and safety. Planning for temperature-sensitive shipments supports effective logistics, but just as important is an ongoing review of the results. This is what allows cold chain providers to identify challenges and find ways to address them. Ensuring that life-saving medicines safely reach the end user takes coordination and continuous improvement. Read more
     October 25,2013 by Tom Grubb      0
  • Andrew Love
    Tips for Dealing with Packaging Complexity: Part III: In a continuation of his tips for packaging complexity, Andrew Love gives tips for those who ask themselves the questions: Are you maximising the opportunities to share components or finished packs? Are you maximising the opportunities to combine changes to minimise the frequency of changes to components?Do you have capability to supply product with different order and volume profiles – runners, repeaters and strangers? Have you got processes to effectively manage order quantities of components and finished packs? Read more
     February 5,2014 by Andrew Love      0
  • Andrew Love
    4 Tips for Dealing with Packaging Complexity: Growth in the product portfolio can result in a substantial rise in packaging components and an associated reduction in packaging line efficiencies. In the first in this series of articles, Andrew Love looks at the 4 key tips which you can use to manage or cope with this challenge Read more
     December 10,2013 by Andrew Love      0
  • Tony Hitchcock
    Flexible Facilities- Single Use Systems: It is quite clear that flexible Facilities is currently a “hot” topic with a number of presentations and meetings being solely focused on this area. It has been clear for a number of years that single use systems have opened up a whole new area of possibilities with regards to facility requirements and operational models and that we are now seeing this concept turning into reality. Read more
     December 9,2013 by Tony Hitchcock      0
  • Jonas Boström
    Copy More! Copy Better!: In his latest column, Jonas explains the pharma industry should re-examine its aversion to copying and how this aversion can restrict innovation. He then makes the case that 'follow-on' drugs are good for companies and patients. Read more
     May 7,2013 by Jonas Boström      0
  • Joe Liscouski
    Labs In Transition: Moving beyond the Lab IT function: There is a gap between the experience of both lab and IT professionals when it comes to the details of planning, implementation, project management, etc. that is needed to successfully exploit the capabilities of modern lab technology. Joe Liscouski describes the need for a new discipline of Laboratory Automation Engineering Read more
     July 17,2013 by Joe Liscouski      1
36 column results
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