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Where to Start with Agile in Software Design for Medical Devices?

Contributor: Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Posted: 9/5/2014

Where to Start with Agile in Software Design for Medical Devices? - Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Many in the area of software design for medical devices area have already moved to Agile and last year’s survey suggests that many more are thinking of implementing Agile methodology. However, the first step is the hardest and when starting out the choice can feel so vast as to be paralyzing. To counter this, Nancy Van Schooenderwoert President and Managing Director of Agile Development Practice has written a hypothetical case study to simplify the process. In this article, she also gives her 6 don’t and 5 do’s for those who want to implement Agile. Full Article »

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ELNs to Optimise Patent Protection

Posted: 5/26/2010

ELNs to Optimise Patent Protection -

# Advantages of ELNs for patients. # Uses of ELNs for IP matters. # Ligitation risks of ELNs. # Retrievability of ELNs Full Video »

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Fewer Robots, More Apps - An Interview with Jeff Hurst

Contributor: Gerald Clarke
Posted: 3/25/2014

Fewer Robots, More Apps - An Interview with Jeff Hurst - Gerald Clarke

The informatics landscape is changing quickly and innovation could be the key to increasing efficiency. Jeff Hurst talks us through these changes and how the industry is moving away from robots towards more innovative methods including mobile apps. He also talks about the dangers of becoming overly 'enamoured with your data' and reinforces that the old rule Garbage in - Garbage Out still applies. Full Podcast »

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Managing Serialisation – How to Start Development of Your Strategy and Implementation - Andrew Love

In the final article in his serialisation series, Andrew Love looks at what needs to be done to commence the development of your strategy and implementation of your solutions. Andrew outlines the challenges you are likely to face such as identifying and interpreting the emerging and evolving legislation or Understanding the immature and evolving solution supply base and selecting appropriate implementation partners. He outlines solutions to these problems to clear your path to serialisation implementation Full Column »

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The Antidote - Taking a Look at Corporate Inversions and e-Health

Summer is at an end and whilst corporate activity continued apace, including AbbVie acquiring Shire, Omega Pharma attracting acquisition interest, and GSK and Sanofi seeking to dispose of certain of their older drugs, some of you have been cooling off with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! This icy event not only brought attention to this rare disease, but highlighted that the drug development pipeline for ALS needed to be bolstered, and reminded us of the high level of costs associated with drug development, particularly if a drug fails. Let’s see whether this innovative, albeit chilly, approach to raise awareness encourages more companies to look to drug development. Full Whitepaper »

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