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Five Advantages of Sea Freight in Temperature Controlled Logistics - Pharma IQ

As the price of air freight rises, pharmaceutical companies are sourcing alternative ways of transporting their life science products to reduce costs. Sea freight is, as a result, becoming an increasingly used mode of shipping. While there are risks and possible challenges of transporting using this method, there are also several advantages to using sea freight over air, train, or truck freight. Full Article »

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The Promise of Emerging Markets in Clinical Trial Supply- An Interview with Almut Malone -

Ahead of the Clinical Trial Supply Europe event, Pharma IQ presents interviews filmed live at last year's CTS event. In this interview we spoke with Almut Malone, Head of Clinical Trial Supply at Mednavigator about new EU GDP guidelines, the main challenges in clinical supply such as packaging and the promise shown in emerging markets such as in Russia or Ukraine. Full Video »

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Clinical Trial Supply Case Study: Bial - An Interview with Ricardo Lima - Gerald Clarke

Smaller companies face differing challenges in Clinical Trial Supply, but they also have their own unique advantages. We spoke to Ricardo Lima, Head of Pharmaceutical Development at Bial Research & Development about Bial's experiences.He discussses comparator sourcing, forecasting and working in emerging markets in this detailed case study of Clinical Trial Supply at Bial. Full Podcast »

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Auditing Artwork processes and services – Tips 17 to 20

Contributor: Andrew Love
Posted: 2/9/2015

Auditing Artwork processes and services – Tips 17 to 20 - Andrew Love

This set of articles on auditing artwork processes and services touches upon a series of tips that cover different aspects of an artwork service and the some of the issues you should consider if preparing for or undertaking an audit. This final article in the series covers tips 17 to 20. Full Column »

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The Future of Clinical Trial Supply – Trends and Challenges 2015 Report

To discover the driving trends and priorities in clinical trial supply, Pharma IQ recently conducted the Clinical Trial Supply Outlook Survey 2015. This collected information and opinions from a diverse array of clinical trials professionals to take the pulse of this changing area. In this report, we gather these responses as well as expert insight on the findings along with interviews with thought leaders and articles on key trends to give you an in depth look at the current state of clinical trial supply Full Whitepaper »

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