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Trends and Successes in Disposable Tech

Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 9/29/2015

Trends and Successes in Disposable Tech - Chanice Henry

“Changes in lifestyles and healthcare systems, and increasing demand for drugs at reduced prices, has led to the development of facilities that can produce more than one product, offering flexibility and scalability.” (4) Single use systems, which are utilized within upstream and downstream processing, can simplify the path to market via the reduction of sterilisation time, swifter set up times, lower cross contamination levels and lower operating costs. Full Article »

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Defining a Criteria for Disposable Solutions in Biomanufacturing - Chris Shaw

In this interview Chris Shaw, CMO at Benchmark Vaccines, discusses the primary criteria for finding a disposable solution for biomanufacturing. Shaw also talks about the industry-wide challenges selecting a disposable solution, such as balancing flexibility and cost. Full Video »

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What Pharma can Learn from the Food & Beverage Industry- An Interview with Pepsico's Steve Hills - Gerald Clarke

The pharma industry has a lot to learn from the food and beverage industry when it comes to contract manufacturing. To get to grips with this outsider's view, we spoke with Steve Hills, European Contract Manufacturing Director at Pepsico. Steve outlines where companies can go wrong in working with CMOs Full Podcast »

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Fit for Purpose

Contributor: Tony Hitchcock
Posted: 9/22/2015

Fit for Purpose - Tony Hitchcock

At Cobra we have worked on the development of both naked plasmid DNA and viral gene therapy products for over 20 years. After some rather extended development times, it has been very rewarding to see a number progress out of Phase II clinical studies and customers wanting to take these products into Phase III studies. Full Column »

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Serialisation: Top Tech Integration Considerations

Roger Bate from the American Enterprise Institute estimates that global economy is hit by $10 billion in losses due to counterfeit and substandard medicines alone. Life loss, he estimates, equates to around 100,000 deaths a year – primarily felt by emerging markets. These two costs are part of what sparked the introduction of serialisation – the method of tracing the lifecycle of the medicine via a serial number. Full Whitepaper »

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