Medical Devices and Diagnostics

The medical device industry continues to see healthy growth, especially the in vitro diagnostics market. Pharma IQ is proud to provide an international, non-biased, central resource, for professionals working in the bio-pharmaceutical and medical device industry to exchange ideas on best practice and share case studies on innovation within the area.

The Odd Couple: The Role of Collaboration and Cost Control in Medical Device Innovation - Reza Moridi

Will the U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will stifle healthcare innovation? Ontario’s experience suggests the opposite: Financial constraints can spur development of successful and cost-effective innovations in medical devices and diagnostics. Reza Moridi, Ontario’s Minister of Research & Innovation, explains how. Full Article »

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How To: Scalable Unique Device Identification (UDI) Implementation – Real World Lessons Learnt - Andrea Charles

“ Barcodes aren’t glamorous or sexy, but they are powerful,” said Dawn Fowler, Sr. Manager, Labeling & Documentation at Endologix. In this exclusive Pharma IQ interview Dawn Fowler speaks about the importance of real world assessment in executing UDI programs and imparts scalable ways to implement unique identifiers for medical devices. Fowler also shares her top 3 tips for implementing UDI Information on a medical device, and insights into the common pitfalls manufacturers make when they are just setting out. Full Podcast »

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Adapting to Disruptive Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Contributor: Andrew Parsons
Posted: 4/8/2013

Adapting to Disruptive Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Andrew Parsons

The Pharmaceutical Industry continues to change at what feels like an exponential pace. What used to be a stable industry now faces almost continual re-shaping as the life cycle of R&D and commercialisation adapts to new players and shapers. New Pharma IQ columnist, Andrew Parsons explains. Full Column »

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A Guide to Healthcare and Medical App Development

This white paper will discuss the business benefits of developing an app; the various approaches to designing and building an app; ways in which you can promote your app to your target audience and how you can measure the usage and performance of your app.This guide will also help you to understand the medical app development process and the types of areas you will need to consider when working alongside your chosen medical app developer. Full Whitepaper »

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