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what is QA & QC Division In pharma . and what kind of Experience required for these Positions

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Author: amita25683: Add as a Colleague
Posted: 11/08/2011  1:44:37 AM EST
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View Profilenak.bk: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
01/25/2013 5:19:22 AM EST

hi amita,good question u have asked.QA means Quality assurance which assure the quality of a drug which will be deliver to people.It is total assurance till to the patient.QC means quality control which control the quality of a drug before it will be in final shape i.e it is just as a in building control .now clear or any further clarification u need.
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View ProfileJSKReddy: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
04/15/2012 2:39:14 AM EDT

QA means Quality Assurance. means to give the assurance of an API(Active Pharmacutial Ingreadent) wich was cheked by QA people.. Qc means Quality Control means analyse the compound and gave result how much quality or purity it is.. the result given by QC people was checked and verified by QA people and realise to Open market Or to a Costumer . More concentration and able to produce same or acceptable limit results..Repeated Work will maintained Same concentration
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View Profilenidhikr2002: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
11/08/2011 2:43:25 AM EST

Hi amita, As asked let me first tell you the full form: Here QA means Quality Assurance and QC means Quality Control.In any pharma industry Quality means a lot as it going to be used as ab medicine.So for eg if some pharma company is manufacturing any ointment QC division will check the Quality standarts of that particular product as per the regulatory guidelines. QC shall perform each and every test and the product should pass every test before getting release.While QA as the name says assure the quality of the product by keeping the check on Quality Control division.In any Pharma company QA is the ultimate authority QA can release or reject the product manufactured if product doesn't pass the requiste tests. For both the divisions Post graduation in pharma or biotechnology is required as the practical lab knowledge is required.

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