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Counterfeit Drugs – Where There’s a Profit, There’s a Way! - Ashley Smith

The counterfeit drug business makes money – an awful lot of money. After all, it’s easier to make a convincing fake pill than a pair of designer jeans and the potential mark-up is far higher. It’s no surprise then that anti-piracy features so heavily on the agenda of the world’s pharma industry. Full Article »

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Top 10 Trends that will Shape Pharma

Contributor: Pharma IQ
Posted: 8/22/2013

Top 10 Trends that will Shape Pharma - Pharma IQ

The global pharmaceutical industry has undergone some rapid changes in recent years, but what are the Top 10 Trends that will Shape Pharma. Pharma IQ investigate in this 3 minute video. Full Video »

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Ben Goldacre Makes the Case for Greater Transparency in Clinical Trials - Gerald Clarke

"Clinical trial information is being routinely and legally witheld and this needs to end." This is the assertion of Dr. Ben Goldacre; a doctor, science writer, campaigner on scientific issues including clinical trial transparency and author of the book Bad Pharma. Pharma IQ discussed the issue of clinical trial transparency with Dr. Goldacre, with a focus on how it will affect industry and why pharma companies have taken differing strategies in response to the campaign. Full Podcast »

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Mobile Medical Apps & US FDA Regulatory Oversight: A Thin Red Line? - Ram Balani

US FDA's regulatory & safety monitoring oversight is being “tugged and pulled” to places it’s never been before with the advent of mobile medical apps, healthcare delivery using IOS or Android, the cloud, etc So how does all these fit into the US FDA medical devices regulatory realm? Ram Balani examines what existing regulation might mean for these new applications. Full Column »

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Global Cosmetics Market Outlook Infographic

One of the biggest barriers facing the cosmetics industry is efficient and successful import/ export. With new regulations, no global harmonisation and huge growth in unknown, emerging markets the import and export process has become an unnavigable maze! Ahead of the Global Cosmetic Compliance Summit, Pharma IQ takes a closer look at the current import/export situation and associated challenges but more importantly, at what solutions the industry is investing in and adopting. Full Whitepaper »

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