Follow Good Weighing Practice™ (GWP®), the Global Weighing Standard, and learn about Accurate Weighing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Host: Dr. Klaus Fritsch

Dr. Klaus Fritsch

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Wednesday, February 6, 2013,
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EST

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The webinar deals with the cornerstones for evaluating and selecting an appropriate weighing system: Measurement uncertainty and minimum weight. The selection of a weighing system which reliably fulfills the respective weighing accuracy requirements set by the user will be illustrated. In the framework of the calibration, it has been proven and documented that the selected weighing system fulfills the user's requirements. This is done by determining measurement uncertainty and minimum weight at the weighing equipment's installation location. Reference is made to applicable GxP, ISO and other rules. Further, management considerations are provided which help bridging the gap between sustainable quality of weighing data, risk reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Duration: 25 Minutes

Language: English

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding about the correlation between consistent quality, risk management and efficiency improvement
  • Learn how you can prove compliance by knowing and documenting the accuracy of your weighing equipment
  • Take out expert advice specifically for your industry and learn what you can do to avoid surprises during audits

Who should attend:

  • Production Managers
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control  (QA/QC) Professionals
  • Engineering Managers


Dr. Klaus Fritsch

Dr. Klaus Fritsch
Manager Compliance
Global BA Laboratory & Weighing Technology

Klaus Fritsch, Ph.D. is manager Compliance within the Global Business Area Laboratory & Weighing Technologies at METTLER TOLEDO. He consults the industry to achieve compliance with their applicable regulations when using weighing systems. In this role, Klaus is actively involved in committee work as e.g. EURAMET or ASTM.

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About GWP

GWP® is the only science-based global standard for efficient lifecycle management of weighing systems, developed from the expertise of METTLER TOLEDO. 

Lifecycle management according to GWP®  consists of evaluation, selection, installation, calibration and routine operation. GWP®  is applicable to all kinds of weighing systems of any manufacturer!

Based on the sound scientific principles of the global weighing standard, METTLER TOLEDO offers two unique commercial services: GWP® Verification & GWP® Recommendation.

Service offerings, which guarantee consistent weighing accuracy, audit readiness and feasible cost efficiency, encompassing the entire lifecycle of the weighing equipment.

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